RapidSSL Certificate

If you choose RapidSSL, please create an email account on the domain you are purchasing the cert for 
[email protected]

To setup SSL certificate, your account also needs to be setup on a unique IP 
(if it is not already). Unique IP costs $1/month.

Note: If the SSL Cert is for a mulithosted addon domain, there will be a $15.00 charge 
to set this up, as it has to be done manually, and requires alterations to files on 
the server. 

Please complete the following form in order to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) 
and submit it through a support ticket from your Nixcore client area.

Host* to make cert for: 
*host* is the fully qualified domain name where the ssl certificate will be installed. 
The URL that is on the address bar of the browser when SSL connection is established. 
SSL can work on one host only. Examples: 
1. https://yourdomain.com
2. https://www.yourdomain.com

Company name: 
Company division: 
State: (full name) 
Street Address: 
Postal Code / Zip: 
Country (2 letter abbreviation): 

Please copy this complete form into a support ticket and we will take it from there!

Once your SSL cert has been purchased and installed, you can get the RapidSSL trust logo here.


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